What you can expect:

Rebecca's Education:

Your Doula's Personal Philosophy on Birth:

"A woman will always remember the way she was made to feel about her birth. A Doula is scientifically proven to help dramatically decrease the amount of interventions used during labor and delivery. I have been called a  calm strength during labor and delivery. During that time, I will stay one step ahead of you so you can know what to expect. You will never feel left in the dark. I have 2 children myself; my daughter was born through emergency cesarean (with  a rare 1 in 10,000 genetic abnormality, requiring surgery herself) and my son was delivered by a midwife in the comfort of our home. So I empathize the full spectrum by which things can  and do unfurl.  I trust that a woman's body was created to  birth - but in the event of a high risk delivery/ or medical necessity, you can rest assure that I as your Doula am fully prepared."